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Multithreading – Control the Flow

Hi guys. So hope you’re all doing well. In today’s video we will talk about logical flow, mainly related to multithreading. So I had some discussion via the support system with some guys about how to manage threads. A couple of days or weeks ago, I recorded that video, “How to build a state aware […]

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How to Code – Instagram Login

Hi guys. Welcome back. Let’s do another session of How to Code. Have our 15 minutes timer here, and what I would like to look into today is Instagram. Let’s see. I think many of you are probably using that site. It’s one of the bigger sites and as you guys know, if you follow […]

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Use a Stat Monitor to notify Users

If something happens in your application, you should notify your users. So they don’t think that the app is stuck. Because if you don’t do that, people will cancel or close the app. So you should add some notifications into your app, so people know what’s going on. Hi, good morning everyone. Greetings from Germany. […]

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Advanced Coding – Write Bots with Logging Feature

Hi everyone. Good evening. So this is a little followup video for the stateful programming, and I will release some additional videos over the next couple of days. Though, the first one I would like to give you an idea of how to implement some logging into your bot, with just a very simple example. […]

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How to build state aware Bots

Hi, guys. Good evening. Today I would like to talk about state full programming or status aware bots, self recovery, self-healing bots, self-repair features. So what do I mean by that? The thing is, when you code in a straightforward way, like for example, this code here you see. You have navigate command and then […]

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Why ExBrowser Plugin?

Why and when should you use ExBrowser Plugin? Hello, everyone. Good evening. In this video I would like to address the question about what is better with ExBrowser Plugin Version 2, and how does it compare to the built-in Ubot Studio browser? So, why should you get ExBrowser Plugin? First of all, let me explain […]

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How to use Plugins and Profiles with Firefox

You have a lot of flexibility when you use Profiles with ExBrowser Plugin. You can add custom plugins and individual configurations, that you can use for many different things. Hello. Good morning, everyone. Today I would like to talk about Firefox extensions and Firefox profiles quickly with you guys. There is currently a limitation to […]

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ExBrowser Update V2.006

New Update for ExBrowser Plugin Version 2 is ready for everyone. A couple of important updates. The browser engines have been updated to support Chrome 80 and FF 73. I also implemented a feature request for a couple of users. So now you can disable the save password dialog for chrome. Which is a profile […]

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