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Exact Model Review - Rating


The price for the Software is $297. It will go up after the launch to $597.
There is one Upsell which is a membership Club. Which will cost $47 per Month.
But the Club is optional. And you can get it later as well.


The concept is great. It's the first time I see a software like this. Well there are many sales letter creators out there, but not like this one. It has some very nice and unique features!


It's a cloud based Software that works from every PC or Mac. There are some small glitches and things that can be improved. The developers are already looking into it. You can read about the details in my review below.

Exact Model Review - Video

Exact Model Review - Details

Today I'm doing a review of a Sales Letter creation Software called Exact Model. Well it's not the kind of Sales Letter Software you might have seen in the past. Because most of the tools I saw have some kind of Questions. And then you hit the create button and you will get a Sales Copy.

But the answers you have to write in those tools are already the sales text. So they guide you a little bit and show you what topics you should answer in a sales letter, but they don't directly help you with the copy itself.

And that's where Exact Model is completely different. The software comes with 168 Sales Letter Templates for 12 different Niches. And also 40 high converting Email ​templates. And with the Club you will get more every single month!

The nice thing here is, that Exact Model has a feature called "Fill in the Blanks". Where you can edit parts of the sales page or Email Template. And the software will guide you with some tips and default answers. And you only have to enter every detail once. So if the product name is used multiple times in the sales copy, you only type it once. And the software will automatically use that name for all the other placeholders who are using #ProductName# as well.

It takes just a few minutes to fill in the blanks and create a very professional salescopy. The templates are high quality. Created by two of the top Internet and Affiliate Marketers: 
Anik Singal​ and Jimmy Kim

The software is 100% web based. So you can login from every modern browser. No matter if you're using a PC or a mac. It should also work from a linux PC, as long as you use a modern html5 enabled web browser like Google Chrome for example.

You can export the newsletters and email templates as word documents or as PDF. So it's very easy to change and modify the text even more if you want to. The software is really easy to use. It comes with a short training video. But this is not really needed. I think it will take you not more than 3 Minutes to figure out how the software works. Really straight forward. Even for non technical people!

You can organize different sales letters into projects within the software. This can be used to build a sales funnel for example. Like a sales page, a one time offer, an upsell and a thank you page.
And every page you add to a project will automatically take over the variables from the main sales page you created. Can't get any simpler than that.

Exact Model Review - What I didn't like!

The software works great so far. It has some small glitches and technical limitations, but they will probably go away over time. But I'm mentioning them here, to save you some time and headaches when you use the Software.

  • No Auto Save Feature! Don't forget to hit the save button regularly!
  • If you delete first Salesletter from a project, it will delete the whole project with all the other sales letters as well.
  • If you update a variable in one sales letter it will not update the other sales letters automatically. It will only update them for new sales letters you add to the software!

So those limitations are not really deal breakers here. Because it's very easy to work around them if you know how it works exactly. I will update the review in case something changes during the next couple of days.

Exact Model Review - Summary

In my opinion the software provides enough value for the $297 to justify the price. You get high converting sales letters and email templates. And you can fill in the blanks with just a few clicks.

It might be necessary to adjust the newsletters a bit more depending on your niche and requirements, but you have a very solid starting point. And for everyone who's not so experienced with Copywriting, this is very helpful!

Over time the software will also indirectly teach you how to write better copy. Because you have to fill in the blanks, you are reading the templates. And that will give you a very good understanding how sales copy works!

So overall this is a very useful tool to write better sales copy for your different niches. I will use it myself for some of my projects now. So please take a closer look now if this can help you with your business.​

Thanks a lot for reading my review. I hope it was helpful. You can always contact me via:
dan(ad)bot-factory.com if you have questions. Or leave a comment here on the page.