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ExBrowser Update V2.006

New Update for ExBrowser Plugin Version 2 is ready for everyone. A couple of important updates. The browser engines have been updated to support Chrome 80 and FF 73. I also implemented a feature request for a couple of users. So now you can disable the save password dialog for chrome. Which is a profile […]

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ExBrowser with FF custom Profiles and Plugins

Version Overview:EXB: 2.006FF: 73.0Ubot: 5.9.55 I created a custom FF profile (firefox.exe -p). And installed two extensions into that profile. Now, when I tried to load that profile via EXB and portable chrome, something strange happened. FF loaded the profile, and I saw the two plugins. But the plugin icons in the FF status bar […]

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Xpath Builder Pro V2.2 is available now!

It has an updated Chrome based browser. So you can directly generate Xpath expressions from within Xpath Builder Pro V2. Currently it’s only sold as part of ExBrowser Plugin V2. But I consider to sell it as a stand alone software as well in the future. Get it here => https://www.bot-factory.com/xpath-builder-pro/

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Scrape Text with ExBrowser Plugin

If you try to scrape Text from a website, it’s normally enough to use the $ExBrowser Scrape Element function. That function will extract the “textContent” of an element. But sometimes there is a difference between textContent and innerText. It depends on the data you want to scrape. So in case the $ExBrowser Scrape Element function doesn’t give you […]

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Is your business at Risk?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably into website automation, and with WA and Ubot, there are usually two groups of people. The first Group use the tools for themselves, to automate some tasks and make their lives easier while the other group sell bots and tools to make money. Here lies a big risk. If […]

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FREE Json Path Builder Pro

FREE Json Path Builder PROGenerate JSON Expressions with just a few Clicks Everyone who works with Webservices or APIs a lot, should get this!It will save you so much time! This is NOT for you if you’re a JSON Expert who looks for a tool to build complex and complicated expressionswith filters and additional complex JSON […]

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