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The price for the Software is $19. For this low price this is a steal. One time payment, unlimited access.


The concept is great. If you use JVZoo for Affiliate Marketing, you have to use this. To track all your stats and customer information's.


It's a cloud based Software that works from every PC. It works perfectly fine. I have no problems with it at all.

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Affiliate Trax Review - Details

Affiliate Trax is very simple. After you login to your account, you will receive a tracking URL. You enter that URL into your JVZoo Account and assign it to all your promotions. So after someone purchases a product via your affiliate link, JVZoo will forward the buyer information's to Affiliate Track. And the data is tracked within your Affiliate Trax Account.

Within the Affiliate Trax System, you will get a lot of detailed data. It will show you a summary of all the purchases. You see all the products that you sold. The customer information's with contact details and so on. And you can export everything. So it gives you more information's than JVZoo itself. And in a more direct way. You might be able to find the same information's within different menus in JVZoo, but it will take you ages. And you can't export most of them there. 

Affiliate Trax Review - What I didn't like!

Honestly, there isn't anything I don't like. The software works perfectly fine. It's giving me all the necessary information's. And I couldn't think of anything additional data I would need.

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The software does exactly what it says. No fluff and no issues at all. For a one time payment of $19 this is a no-brainer. So if you use JVZoo, you definitely should take a look at Affiliate Trax!