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The price for the Software is $67. And it's just a one time payment. So you can run unlimited webinars with unlimited attendees for just one fixed price! That's really amazing!


The concept is great. Most other webinar providers are real time webinars. So you have to be present to run the webinar. Autonars combines online webinars with the ability to pre record them. This is perfect!


It's a cloud based Software that works from every PC. I honestly didn't find a single problem with it so far. The only downside really is, that you're limited to the features it offers at the moment. But there isn't really much missing. Only the live reply could work a little bit smoother. But that I cover in the review text below.

Autonars Review - Video

Autonars Review - Details

Autonars is a cloud based webinar software that allows you to run fully automated webinars. Now you might ask yourself...why do I need this. Well first of all, webinars are a great way to communicate with people. You can explain them your solutions and directly let them take action. Like downloading some freebie or selling them something. You also collect their email addresses at the same time because they have to register for the webinar. So compared to a Youtube video this is a lot more flexible and interactive.

Now why run it automated. Well the alternative really is to run an online webinar via something like Go2Webinar for example. First of all those webinar products are very expensive and you have to pay a monthly fee. People also need to download some software or at least plugins to attend. And you have to be present at your PC and do it LIVE. So with Autonars you can prerecord everything and people can watch it directly from their browser. And it works on mac and pc at the same time. ​

I explain the technical details how everything works in the review video above. So there you can see everything live. I walk you through a complete configuration and show you all the options. But it's pretty easy and straight forward. There are also some nice trainings inside the software. So this can be used by non technical people very easily.

If you are interested in affiliate and online marketing, you will also get some pre recorded webinars with your Autonars account. And access to some affiliate products. So that you can directly promote them via autonars. This is a nice way to get started with affiliate marketing as well.
But you don't have to use them. Autonars is perfectly fine to run your own webinars and promote your own products or services. You can even use this to give away free offers and only use it as a list building tool.​

Autonars Review - What I didn't like!

I did not have any issues with the software to be honest. There are just two things that I was missing / didn't like.

  • You can not implement any tracking code after the signup page. Retargeting is possible, because you can add code to the first page. But if you want to track conversions for payed ads, you can't add any tracking code after the signup page.
  • The live reply feature could work a bit better. When someone posts a question you will get an email with a link. And then you have to write the reply on your mobile on a website. It would be better if I could just reply to that email to some kind of autonars service email address. But it's still working that way. Just an additional step that is not really required.

Autonars Review - Summary

The webinar Software is really solid. And for just a one time payment of $67 there isn't much you can do wrong here. And you always have the 30 day refund. So you can give it a try without any risk really!