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Is your business at Risk?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably into website automation, and with WA and Ubot, there are usually two groups of people. The first Group use the tools for themselves, to automate some tasks and make their lives easier while the other group sell bots and tools to make money. Here lies a big risk. If […]

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Run Chrome Browser completely Headless

Headless Chrome With Exbrowser PluginI just received a message via  the helpdesk from a Ubot friend. Let’s call him John. He told me that Chrome and Firefox are currently working on a headless version of their browsers. Headless means you can run that browser completely hidden without any UI. Chrome will release that feature with version […]

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ExBrowser Update V1.3.1.7

EXB Update V1.3.1.7Driver UpdatesHider Command for Portable BrowsersThe new Command “ExBrowser Hide Portable Browser” allows you to hide and unhide Chrome and Firefox Browsers. It’s kind of similar to the previous generic command. The main challenge always was to identify between browser that have been started by ExBrowser plugin and regular Chrome or Firefox browsers running […]

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What is Website Scraping

There is a large amount of data available only through websites. However, as many people have found out, trying to copy data into a usable database or spreadsheet directly out of a website can be a tiring process. Data entry from internet sources can quickly become cost prohibitive as the required hours add up. Clearly, […]

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Website Scraping – What You Ought To Know

In today’s world where we are continually looking for ways to save more time and do things a little bit faster, website scraping often provides a feasible, cheaper and convenient solution to anyone looking to scour the vast expanse of the World Wide Web within the shortest time possible and using the least effort. Technically […]

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