Tired of your bots being shut down in their prime?

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  • ExBrowser will add more features to Ubot Studio!
  • ExBrowser will make Coding simpler and more powerful!
  • It's updated faster than the build in Ubot Browser!
  • It supports more browsers and gives you more flexibility
  • It adds stability to your Bots
  • You will get less customer support tickets when you sell your bots

But what exactly is ExBrowser Plugin?

  • ExBrowser Plugin will give you 2 additional Browsers! Chrome and Firefox!
  • You can automate Websites that are not supported with the Build in Browser
  • Additional Commands and Functions that will make Coding a lot easier
  • World Class Support and Tutorials
  • Fast Bugfixes and New Features.

But don't believe us, listen what our Customers say!


ExBrowser Plugin This plugin for Ubot is extraordinary, it's something that every Ubot user needs to have in their arsenal as an essential tool. Being able to use the native Firefox and Chrome browser by remote control, with the ability to do everything that the built-in ubot browser does, plus more. It's been very stable for me and allows me to accomplish things I was not able to without it. Support and documentation is outstanding, Dan has always been available for issues when they have (seldom) appeared with a resolution, and I'm very grateful for this plugin. Thank you and keep up the great work!

Mark Edward

ExBrowser Ubot Studio is a great product but... I have about 17 software tools on the market and at least 75% of them use the ExBrowser plugin. The support has been incredible and the updates seem to just keep coming. Frankly it has been so many months that I cannot remember the last time I tried to do anything in Ubot studio without ExBrowser. This is a must have plugin. I would say that the only way they could make it better would be to integrate it directly into Ubot but then it would not have Dan behind it. Thanks Dan - most of what I do would not be possible without ExBrowser.

Jeffrey Evans

ExBrowser, XPath builder, Json Builder I use all 3 products almost on a daily basis since purchasing. They are wonderful and recommended for any Ubot Studio builder, and the Xpath and Json builder can be used in other programming instances as well making them very robust pieces of software

Theodore Gaushas

Exbrowser Plugin ExBrowser has been one of the best investments for our company. It's my go to Swiss Army knife for web automation! Jason Smith Lead Developer - Virtual Market Advantage

Jason Smith

Exbrowser Plugin Exbrowser is an exceptional product. It gives you the power to automate an amazing range of social media tasks. Highly recommended.

Ned Hulton

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EXBROWSER is currently NOT available.
We will launch V2.0 soon. 

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