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EXB Update V1.3.1.7

  • Driver Updates
  • Hider Command for Portable Browsers

The new Command "ExBrowser Hide Portable Browser" allows you to hide and unhide Chrome and Firefox Browsers. It's kind of similar to the previous generic command.

The main challenge always was to identify between browser that have been started by ExBrowser plugin and regular Chrome or Firefox browsers running or still running on the local system. I never recommended to use the PC for anything else when bots are running, but well... People are not always listening 🙂

So I had to find a way to provide a way to hide a browser. And I finally found a way to do it. It's basically a combination of renaming the portable browser executable to something unique. So that the portable browser executable is NOT chrome.exe or firefox.exe anymore.

You just rename it to chromeRandomName.exe or firefoxxxx123.exe the name actually doesn't matter, as long as it's unique and not used by anything else on your system. Then you can use the new command to hide and unhide the process.

Please keep in mind that it will always take a couple of seconds to hide the browser. Chrome and Firefox will always show up first and then we hide them afterwards. Those browser do NOT provide any build in option to start them hidden directly. So what we do here is to hide the window after it appeared.

But that means the browser will always show for a couple of seconds before you can hide it. I don't know any way to change this. So please do NOT send any tickets about this behavior.


Whenever you work with any portable browser.. Do NOT start the launcher exe that is in the main folder of the portable browser! You have to launch the chrome and firefox exe from the application folder!

It's the same for Chrome portable as well!