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ExBrowser with FF custom Profiles and Plugins

Version Overview:
EXB: 2.006
FF: 73.0
Ubot: 5.9.55

I created a custom FF profile (firefox.exe -p). And installed two extensions into that profile. Now, when I tried to load that profile via EXB and portable chrome, something strange happened. FF loaded the profile, and I saw the two plugins. But the plugin icons in the FF status bar disappeared after 1 second.

Now after some research I found the problem. In the Firefox profile folder is a file called “prefs.js”. In that file, you will find a line that contains: ” extensions.lastAppBuildId “. Delete that line and save the prefs.js.

Now try to load the profile with EXB. Problem solved. Not quite sure why this happens, but something doesn’t work with that timestamp thing.