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Fotopress Review - Rating


The price for the unlimited Site license is just $19.73. Which is awesome. So you can install it on as many sites as you want. The price for the PRO Upgrade is $37 for an annual license.
But be careful here! The PRO Edition will renew automatically!
I talk about that in the review!


The concept is great. It makes it very easy to get some nice pictures for your blog posts. Or just some featured Images to make your blog a bit nicer. And the build in editor allows you to modify and add some stuff to the pictures as well.


It's a solid WordPress Plugin. I didn't have any major issues with it. There are some small glitches which i cover in the "What I don't like" section of the review.

Fotopress Review - Video

Fotopress Review - Details

Today I'm doing a review of a WordPress Plugin called Fotopress.

Fotopress has two major functions:

  1. It allows you to search different Picture Sources for Pictures.
    (Basic Edition=4 // Pro Edition=10)
  2. It has a build in Photo Editor to Crop, Resize, add Effects, Borders, Text and many other things to your photos.

The standard edition supports 4 Free Images Sources. Pixabay, Flickr, Open Clip Art and Instragram. The Pro Edition also supports (Europeana, Ookaboo, Iconfinder, 500px,Wikimedia and Nasa)

You can use the plugin to search for keywords and you then see a list of photos from all the photo sources you selected. You can add some additional filters as well. Like the type of image you want (photo or clipart). You can also select if you want photos with or without attribution only. You can directly upload images, open then from your WP Gallery, provide a URl and even access your Youzign Gallery if you provided the necessary API details in the configuration.

You can add photos directly to a post or page, you can download them to your PC/mac, you can add them to your WP gallery or you can open them with the build in editor in Fotopress.

The fotopress editor provides some nice tools to resize and crop the images. But also add some additional things to the photo. Like Borders, Text, shapes, drawings, layers, effects and some other nice stuff. Which is really handy if you want to add your own "vodoo" to some of the photos you use. ‚Äč

Fotopress Review - What I didn't like!

The plugin works great. There is only one thing I didn't like. But if you know what it is, and I cover it in the video, you can work around it.

  • When you hit search to often or navigate to the result pages to quickly, you will run into a timeout. This depends on how many picture sites are used and how fast you click. But the plugin should cover that. And prevent users from making this mistake.

Fotopress Review - Summary

The plugin is solid and for $19.97 you can't do anything wrong. Not sure if the PRO upgrade is really needed for most people. Yes it will give you some more pictures. But so far.. I found enough to choose from with the regular Version. And all the fonts and effects.. I don't use that kind of stuff on my site. And my Thrive Content Builder Plugin gives me a lot of those features already.

But if the PRO features help you with your site because you don't have a Plugin or theme that has something like that already, then you should upgrade to PRO Edition. But please keep in mind it will automatically renew after 12 months. But I'm not sure if this is necessary. Because the plugin will still work no matter what. And they don't explain what that VIP Status means exactly. And we will see how many updates are released within the next couple of months.. to justify the subscription to get access to the "Access to new features" Option.