Group Traffic Profits Review -

Group Traffic Profits Review

Group Traffic Profits - Rating


$27 for the whole package is a steal!
The WP Plugin alone is worth that money.
And you have a 30 day refund guarantee as well. 


The concept is solid and works! It's nothing new though, but it's proven and used by many!


Videos are in high quality and easy to follow. The plugin and the graphic Software worked perfectly fine for me. I didn't have any problems with it at all!

Today I'm doing a review of a new training called "Group Traffic Profits"

Today I'm doing a review of a new training course from Brett Rutecky. It's called Group Traffic Profits. But it's not only a training course. It also comes with two great pieces of software. One is a wordpress Plugin and the other is a webservice that allows you to create amazing graphics.

Let's first talk about the training itself. The main topic of the training is about driving traffic via facebook fanpages and groups. So this is not at all a new concept or something Brett just invented. But it's a proven method that works over and over again.

But I also have to tell you, that this is not a "Turn On Traffic" Magic Button! It takes a bit of time to build your audience. But it's easier to get people into your Group or to like your fanpage than it is to get their (real) email address. If you use an autoresponder where people have to register, a lot of people will use fake email addresses. This doesn't normally happen with facebook.​

In the training Brett also talks about payed advertising via Facebook. ​This is a great way to drive additional traffic. But you need some budget to do that. Not a lot, but at least $5 per day for one campaign. And you should at least run it for one week to get some numbers. I can tell you from my own experience, that it's very unlikely to find a "winner" with your first campaign. You need to find the correct audience, you have to test different images and videos and so on. So there are a lot of variables.

I currently test a new service to manage facebook advertising. Depending on my results I might write a review or training about it. But that will take a couple of weeks. Because I want to first see if it really brings some value.

So let's now talk about the software products that come with the training. The first product is a wordpress Plugin called: Facebook Link Post 2.0 
This plugin basically allows you to post images to facebook that redirect to a URL you specify. Normally when you post an image to facebok and people click it, the image will load a bit larger in a frame. So it's normally not automatically redirecting you somewhere. And that's what you can do with this plugin. There are other methods to archive the same, but with this plugin it's really simple.

The second software is: Image Maker Pro
So is actually not really Software, because you can't download it to your computer. It's a webservice. So you login via your browser and use it online. It is a very easy to use tool to create awesome looking graphics. I'm a technology nerd and developer. So I really suck when it comes to graphics and design. But even I was able to create some good looking images with it. And within a short amount of time. So you don't have to spend hours and hours creating some graphics.

Another thing you will get with the training are the Bonuses. You get 4 WordPress Plugins:
Click Bar (GOLD)
Facebook Pixel Insert
Jack Jacker (GOLD)
Support Chat Plugin

And the nice thing about it is, you can give them away or sell them. So you have full resell rights for those plugins. That means you can directly use them to build you list if you target the Internet Marketing or Software Developer Niche. And you will learn how to do that in the training.


The training is very solid and to the point. And for $27 with a 30 day refund guarantee, it's really a no brainer. The training alone is worth more than that already. But you will also get the WordPress plugin, the graphic design online tool and the wordpress plugins with resell rights. So for me this is a solid package and worth the money.