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The price for the Software is $17. One time payment for this nice wordpress Plugin is a fair and reasonable price.


The concept itself is not really new. There are many plugins and services that do similar things. But that's not a bad thing at all. Every tool should be a time saver. And this is one. So only 3 stars because this is not really something unique.


It's a wordpress plugin that works perfectly fine for me. It does what the sales page says. I didn't have any problems with it at all.

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Instant Video Site Review - Details

Today I'm doing a short review of a wordpress Plugin called Instant Video Site. It's basically a plugin that will get content from youtube and automatically post it on your wordpress site. But it has some nice additional features.

  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Videos
  • ​Replace Words with your Links automatically
  • Add a fully automated popup graphic with link
  • Use Transcripts as Text

So the plugin helps you to create relevant unique content automatically. As much as you want and need. And monetize the content at the same time. You can replace words or phrases with links. Well actually not replace. But make them clickable. So that people who click those words get redirected to whatever URL you want. So you can use your affiliate links there as well.

​At the same time you can also add a popup to the site. With a timer. So that for example, after 10 seconds the visitor will see a popup graphic. And you can configure where the user is redirected too when they click that graphic. So this could be used as a lead magnet for example. Where you offer some related FREEBIE to grab peoples attention and email address.

Instant Video Site Review - What I didn't like!

The plugin is simple and effective. Everything worked fine for me. I didn't have any problems at all. Of course there are always things you could add. But honestly.. For $17 as a one time payment for unlimited sites.. There is nothing more you could ask for.

Instant Video Site Review - Summary

The plugin is very useful if you run niche website. The more sites you have, the better it get's. Of course it's not creating 100% unique and perfect content. Because it's pulling existing content and videos from youtube. But, this is not bad either. So depending on your business and goals, this can be really useful.

I would still add some unique articles and content in between from time to time. Just to mix it up.
But Instant Video Site Plugin can give you some nice additional content for your wordpress sites.

It comes with a 30 day refund rate. So you can try it without any risk.

So please check it out NOW!​