Mailit Plugin Review -

Today I'm doing a review of a
WordPress Plugin called "Mailit"

Mailit Plugin Review - Rating


$47 for this plugin is really cheap compared
to what you pay for a regular AutoResponder.
It comes with 1 price for unlimited sites and no upsells or OTOs


Having your own autoresponder is great and very useful.
It's the first plugin of that kind. Almost all other autoresponders and 
mailing tools are subscription based.


The plugin works great for what it does. It's missing one feature that might be important for some people and some usecases. That's the reason why I still have an autoresponder.
But there is still value in using it, even if you have an autoresponder.
And you might not have that usecase. So please read the review for more details.

Mailit Plugin Review Video

Before we look into the Plugin let's do a quick summary of what an autoresponder is.
An autoresponder is a software or service that is able to automatically send emails to one or multiple list. Those lists hold email address and other informations like names for example.

Those lists are build by people "subscribing" to one of those lists. So they basically enter their email address in a so called Optin Form. Most of the time people do that to get some free informations, or to receive updates and newsletters.

But also when people purchase something from you, or buy a product via your affiliate link, you can get their email address and subscribe them to your list (autoresponder). And then you can follow up an send those people emails. With free informations to build a relationship with them, but also to send promotions and finally make some money selling stuff.

And that's actually what you can do with the Mailit Plugin. It allows you to create different lists with different optin forms. So that people can subscribe to your list(s). And then you can send traffic to those lists.

Mailit is a wordpress Plugin that should be installed on a separate WordPress installation. You can run it on your main site, but it's not recommended to do that. ​I cover the why in more detail in the video. 

The plugin itself comes with awesome tutorials. They explain every detail about the configuration and everything. ​The main idea is to use the SMTP server from your hosting provider. That means the mailing features from your shared or dedicated server. There are a couple of requirements like PHP support and SMTP access, but all bigger hosting companies provide that. So that shouldn't be a problem most of the time.

When you purchase the plugin, you will also get access to additional training videos. They teach you how to increase the inbox rate of your emails. Inbox rate means, that your emails really appear in the recipients inbox. And not in the spam folder.​ Which is very important!

But I have to be honest here. To implement those configurations, you should know some basics about DNS configuration and setup. It's not rocket science, but you have to add a DNS entry to your hosting server. There are lot of tutorials about that available on youtube. And the support guys from your hosting provide are also able to help you. But at least you should have some technical skills. Otherwise this could be a bit problematic. 

If you are a non technical person. Who doesn't know anything about installing wordpress, adding plugins and server configuration (DNS), it might be better to stick with one of the well known autoresponder services. But for everyone who has some basic technical skills, this is really a no brainer.


  • One Price
  • Unlimited Installations
  • Multiple Lists
  • Unlimited Autoresponders
  • Easy Import and Export
  • Single Optin
  • No Double Optin Feature possible (Not really needed though)
  • No Follow Up Emails!

So let's quickly talk about the one thing I didn't like. Well.. that's not the right way to say it. The plugin is not able to help with one particular use case. If you want to automatically send a series of emails after someone signs up, Mailit is not able to do that. It can send 1 Autoresponder message per List. But that's it. No series. You can of course manually send as many broadcasts as you want. But it's not possible to automatically send multiple messages. Or work with Tags and Triggers like Aweber for example. 

But for single message autoresponders and broadcasts, the plugin works awesome!​


The plugin works great. I didn't see any issues or limitations. As long as you run it on a dedicated wordpress installation. You can install it on unlimited sites, which is great for this price. It supports unlimited lists, with easy import and export features. And you can send as many broadcasts as you want. So this is definitely worth the money and something I highly recommend.