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FREE UbotStudio Scrape Framework

Scrape Data From Any Website In Seconds!The UbotStudio Scrape Framework is a Source Code Example to extract data from websites. It uses a couple of plugins to make the whole process even more powerful. The large data plugin for example will reduce the used memory a lot compared to the native Ubot Studio Lists and […]

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FREE UBotStudio Xpath Plugin

This free UbotStudio Xpath Plugin allows you to run Xpath Queries against any data within Ubot Studio.Xpath is a very powerful query language. With this free UbotStudio Xpath Plugin you can move your scraping to the next level! After you enable the Plugin in the Plugin Menu You will see one function. $Generic Xpath Parser […]

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FREE UbotStudio Auto Update Plugin

Automatically Update Your Compiled BotsWith the free UbotStudio Auto Update Plugin This FREE Plugin will allow you to add an AutoUpdate Feature to your Bots for FREE.So you can release software updates and your customer will be notified automatically the next time they start your application.You don’t have to send out update emails anymore, or have […]

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FREE Top 10 Ubot Studio Tips & Tricks

In this PDF Report you will learn the 10 most important things you should know about Ubot Studio.You will learn some of the tricks I use every day when I work with Ubot Studio. Some of them might be obvious, but I see a lot of people every day who don’t do them.And then they […]

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What is Website Scraping

There is a large amount of data available only through websites. However, as many people have found out, trying to copy data into a usable database or spreadsheet directly out of a website can be a tiring process. Data entry from internet sources can quickly become cost prohibitive as the required hours add up. Clearly, […]

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FREE Ubot Studio – YouTube MP3 Downloader Source Code

This is a very simple source code that demonstrates how to build a MP3 Youtube donwloader with Ubot Studio.The Bot is using a YT download service website (3rd Party). Which is free of charge. Required Plugins:ExBrowser PluginDataGrid Plugin Possible Optimizations: Adding Proxy Support to avoid the 5 minute timeout after you download multiple videos.Better error handling. Click […]

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Website Scraping – What You Ought To Know

In today’s world where we are continually looking for ways to save more time and do things a little bit faster, website scraping often provides a feasible, cheaper and convenient solution to anyone looking to scour the vast expanse of the World Wide Web within the shortest time possible and using the least effort. Technically […]

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FREE Xpath Video Tutorials

Xpath Video Tutorials Learn how to write powerful and practical Xpath Expressions with our new Xpath Video Tutorials Course.You will learn all the necessary fundamentals and advanced skills. This is a 75 Minute Video Tutorials Course with a lot of examples. Click Here To Get Access Now

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FREE Http Plugin Tutorials

Instant Access to 4 hours and 27 Minutes of Training Videos! Introduction VideoHttp Plugin Command OverviewHTTP Command OverviewHTTP Post / Get BasicsTools – Edit this CookieTools – Notepad++Tools – FiddlerTools – Socket Code GeneratorExample 1 – Google Search EngineExample 2 – Xing SignupExample 3 – Wufoo Form Submission (Multipart Form)Example 4 – 10 Minute EmailExample […]

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