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The price for the Software is $97 for the lifetime license.
I personally purchased the PRO Edition Upgrade as well to get more features and data.
Paydrill saves me a lot of time and helps me with my Tax reports. So it's great value for the money!


The concept is awesome. The paypal reporting features on their website are not that good. So PayDrill makes it a lot easier to export the data I need with just a few clicks.


It's solid Software product. I didn't have any issues using it. It runs perfectly fine on my Windows 10 System. And it's still updated and maintained.

Paydrill Review - Video

Paydrill Review - Details

Today I'm doing a review of a Paypal Management Product called Paydrill. Paydrill will allow you to look at your Paypal Account from your local PC or MAC. It's a Software that uses the Adobe Air Framework. Which means it runs on MAC and PC. But you have to install Adobe AIR Upfront. But this is straight forward and FREE.

So you might ask yourself why do I need a Paypal Software at all? And honestly, if you only use Paypal from time to time to purchase stuff. You probably don't need a Software like Paydrill. But if you use Paypal very often. And also sell products and service via paypal, then Paydrill will make your life a lot easier.

Paydrill will give you a lot of reports, filters and data that you are not able to get via Paypal. Well, you can get the data there as well.. But it's way more complicated. And you will have to use Excel to filter through all the reports manually without Paydrill. So with Paydrill you see all your transactions separated into different reports. Sales, Purchases, Customers and Transactions. Which is really powerful. I use it almost every day to look at my stats. To search for customers and check what products they purchased when they open a support ticket for example.

Another very useful thing are the export features. You can export almost any data into CSV files from within Paydrill. This is mainly useful when I create my tax report. Before I had to pay my accountant to filter through all the different data. But now I can prepare most of the reports on my own. Which gives me a better overview of my sales numbers. But also saves me some money at the end.

You can purchase a couple of upsells with Paydrill. The only one that was interesting to me was the PRO Version. So the first upsell. That version gives you more data and some additional reports. The other upsells are only if you have to manage multiple Paypal Accounts. Which was not the case for me, so I didn't look into that.

The software itself is very stable. Adobe Air is a good and stable platform. And I like that it runs on PC and Mac. You will not see any difference on both platforms. All features are available on PC and Mac.

If you didn't watch the Review video, please take a look now. It will show you the features and will help you to decide if the software is for you or not.

Paydrill Review - What I didn't like!

There are actually only three small things I don't like at the moment. And one of them is only important if you work with different currencies.

  • When I export data to a CSV file, I can not select multiple entries. So on the products screen for example, I can only export data for one single product. But if you sell products for different prices because of promos or discount codes, you might have a lot of products. One of my main products appears like 8 times in Paydrill. And I can only export one dataset at a time. This is a bit annoying because I have to manually merge the CSV data in excel afterwards. But depending on how you use the software, this might not be a problem for you.
  • Most of the views will reflect your default currency. So my account is set to €, that means all the dashboard data will show only the € per default. On most views you can switch to $ as well, but there are some where this is not possible. This is not a big deal though, because you can get the data in a different report as well. But not in the overview screen.
  • And the last thing is sending money. Paydrill can only send money in your account currency. Which is € again. So I can't send $ via Paydrill. At least I didn't found a way to do it. 

Paydrill Review - Summary

I have to say Paydrill is really an awesome and helpful application for me! Mainly for my Tax and Sales reports. Paydrill makes it so easy to generate the necessary reports for me. And it also helps me with my daily business, when I have to support my customers.
So if you use Paypal a lot, take a look NOW!

PS: You don't have to purchase the upsells / OTO right away! You can upgrade your license later if you need more features!