Proxybonanza IP Updater - Update your Authentication IP

Proxybonanza IP Updater

Proxybonanza is a great and very reliable proxy service provider. You can purchase a lot of different proxy servers from proxybonanza. With the help of our ProxyBonanza IP Updater, it’s way easier to use those proxy servers.

To use the proxy servers you have to authenticate. So if you use them in Google Chrome for example, you have to enter your login details there.

But there’s another way. You can use IP based authentication. That means you login to the Proxybonanza website and add your internet ip address into your account.

Then all requests from that IP address to any of the proxy servers you purchased, will not ask for an authentication.

And that’s where the Proxybonanza IP Authenticator App comes into the game. This app can update those ip authentication settings fully automated.

Proxybonanza IP Updatater is a command line tool. When you run it the first time, you enter your login credentials into the commandline:
ProxyBonanzaIPUpdater.exe username password

The tool will then create an encrypted file with those details. So the next time you run the app, you don’t have to enter the credentials. But of course, if you have multiple accounts, you can always enter the credentials via the commandline.

And then the tool will automatically update all your proxy plans with your current ip address.

Proxy Bonanza IP Updater