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The Service is available for different prices. Depending on how many websites you want to support and if you pay monthly or yearly. The price is $39 Monthly or $297 yearly. Or a one time price of $97 for the one site license. Please also check their special offers during launch!


Social proof is a valuable and tested selling tool. Everyone these days is looking for social proof and testimonials. Just think about how you purchase products on amazon for example. Do you read what other people write about the product? Of course you do. Everyone does. So this is working. And Review Trust automates the whole process for you. Of course you still need a good product or service to sell. Because if you sell crap, people will probably not send good reviews. But I think this is obvious.


It's a cloud based Software that works from every PC. Everything worked perfectly fine for me when I tested it. The user interface is straight forward. Without distracting information's. Everything is to the point and easy to use!

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Review Trust Review - Details

Today I'm doing a review of a new web service called Review Trust. Review trust is a platform to collect customer testimonials and display them automatically on your website or blog. The system automates the whole process. It's very simple to integrate Review trust with a lot of shopping carts. Like paypal, jvzoo, clickbank, zaxaa and many others.

So if you sell software, products or services online, you should take a look at review trust. Because social proof is one of the biggest selling factors these days. Everyone is looking for feedback from other people who used a product.

Just think about how you use amazon or ebay for example? If you search for a product, do you read what other people write about it? Exactly.. We all do that. So you should also leverage this proven technique for your website. It will definitely help you to increase the conversion rate and make more money.

The software itself is really easy to use. They have very good training videos who explain all the details. You can be up and running with the system in just 10 minutes. And that's really the beauty if the system. There are many ways how to present testimonials on your website. But normally this is a manual process that requires multiple steps. And not everyone is doing it, or has the necessary technical skills. But with review trust, this becomes very simple and straight forward. 

Review Trust Review - What I didn't like!

Honestly.. there wasn't anything I didn't like. The only downside, if there is any at all, is that you can not fully customized how the testimonials are displayed. You have to live with the templates they provide. But this is not really an issues, because the templates who are integrated look very professional.

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The system itself is working great. Social proof is a proven and widely used sales tactic. Review trust is a professional system to collect those reviews fully automated. And display them on your website. The price for the service is reasonable and the software works perfectly fine. So for me this is a no brainer. I was using testimonials in my business before. But I will now switch everything to review trust, because it's a lot easier to integrate.