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What exactly is Bot-Factory about?

Hello my friends.

Sometimes people ask me what exactly I'm doing on Bot-Factory.com. Well I have to be honest. It changed multiple times the last couple of years.
My goal here is to provide value and also make some money online selling my products, training's and services.

Right now I'm 42 years old, so I'm using computers and the internet since a long time. I tried many things, learned a lot and forgot a lot 🙂
In my professional live I work as a senior architect, helping large enterprise customers archive their IT goals.

But one of my passions is automation and making some money while working from my computer. So that I could live wherever I want and still make enough money to pay the bills.
Unfortunately this is still not the case. So either my expenses are to high, or I'm not earning enough. Or both LOL.

Now when I started bot-factory.com it was mainly about Ubot Studio. Ubot is a tool I use since many years and know pretty well. I sold my own tools that I developed with Ubot Studio.
I wrote free and payed tutorials and video courses. And I developed plugins for ubot studio.

But I want Bot-Factory to be more than just about Ubot Studio. So  a while ago I started to add some affiliate marketing and online marketing stuff. Unfortunately that didn't work so well.
People where not really interested in that stuff. Probably because most of my readers here are coming from the ubot and software development community.

But I still want to make the site more interesting and attract more people. So I will focus on the broader topics, web automation and data extraction in general.

With two main groups in mind:

1. People who use it for themselves in their private or professional live. To automate tasks and do things faster they normally have to do manually.

2. People who want to write software for other people to do things faster. And sell them.

To archive that I will concentrate on the following topics.
1. Data extraction and automation tools in general. How can you automate websites and extract data easily. Ubot will be part of that, but there are many other tools and services and I will talk about them as well in the future.

2. Selling and promoting your tools and services. So for everyone who's into selling automation tools or services, I will also write about some ideas and concepts here.

3. Tools and Services I use every day. I think sharing some of that stuff might help some of you. There are many software tools and webservices that I use on a regular basis, and this might be useful for some of you as well.

So that's the overall plan for the site in the future. I hope you'll like it and that I can provide some value for you.